Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy week but fun nights

I have had a busy week due to a co-worker being on vacation and little old me doing her job as well as mine. But what has kept me going was being able to see the makers of Mystery Science Theater 3000 put on a live show that I caught last night. They riffted on a really old movie called "Plan 9 from outer space." The movie was terrible and so was extremely funny with Mike, Kevin & Bill making fun of it and giving a most funny commentary. They even showed a short from the 40s about an airline flight attendant, which had me rolling in the isle.

They say laughter is the best medicine. I would have to agree. Whenever you find yourself facing a lot of stress or sadness. Find that thing that makes you laugh and smile a lot and get as much of it as you can.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick son update

Because Michael's mouth has been hurting all weekend, he has not been eating, drinking or talking much. Monday started out the same way. He was hungry and wanted to eat, but did not dare try because of how his mouth hurt.

When I got home last night I started making dinner. Michael was following me around, grunting and whining, try to get me to give him food. So we decided to try chocolate pudding. We made it and put it in front of him. He played with it, but could not bring himself to eat it for fear of the pain.

After 10 minutes of playing with his food, Jen finally sat down with him and tried to feed it to him. After some coaxing, he finally opened up and took a small bite. Apparently it did not hurt much because he opened his mouth for more, this time a little wider. Before long he had ate the whole bowl of pudding and asked for more. So Jen gave him a second helping. This must have really got his confidence up, because he then asked for more food. We did not want to rush his food intake for fear that he may throw it up. So we had him take a break, during which he then noticed that it did not hurt to talk. So he gleefully yelled that his mouth was feeling better. And to prove it, he talked the rest of the night, ate some garlic bread and another helping of chocolate pudding.

Jen and I were relieved to see him feeling better and eating. But I kind of missed having a quiet house. :)

This morning he woke up, announced that he could talk, drink and eat again today. And proved it by eating 3 waffles and ordering 2 more. He is trying to make up for the lack of food he had for the past weekend. We are just glad to have our normal son back and hope that we can still contain his virus so that other don't get it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sick son

Michael began complaining about his mouth on Friday. Jen (Being the wonderful and caring mother that she is) took him to the doctor to get checked out. The doctor found that he had a virus in his mouth and told us that it would get worse before it would get better. And she was certinaly correct.

Saturday he stopped drinking and eating and cried about how his mouth hurt. Because it is a virus we could not give him any medicine to combat the virus. All we could do was give him pain reliever and try to keep him hydrated. This did nothing to stop his constant crying until Mother saved the day. Jen was so patient and caring to her son this weekend. She kept working on finding the thing he wanted, even while he could not talk due to the pain in his mouth. She finally got him distracted by playing children games on the Internet with him for most of the day.

Sunday he was doing worse as the lack of food and water was starting to take a toll on his body. I got worried enough to play the bad guy and force liquids into him. He did not like to be force fed, until he began to feel better by having more liquids in him. Then he began to turn around and is doing much better.

It is the strangest virus that I have ever seen. His tongue has got spots all over it and turned a very bright blue on the sides. Jen will call the doctor about it today. But we hope that we have seen the worse of it and that he will start to improve. Poor guy just has not looked good all weekend.