Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Busy Disney Weekend

We had a busy and fun weekend that I just have to talk about it. As you may know, we recent moved from West Valley to our current home in Herriman. We learned that our old stake was putting on the play "Beauty and the Beast." So we decided to take the kids and check it out last Friday night. As we were driving there, I suddenly felt like we should not have done it as it would result in a late night and we had to get up early the next day to help clean the church and help my brother move. But I did not regret going after the play was over.

Thanks to a friend we had second row seats, which gave the kids a close up view of the play. Many of our old ward members were in the cast. Karen was mesmerised and Michael was actually entertained enough to watch. He loved all the props and wonderful costumes. When the lights went out and they began setting up for the next scenes, he would get excited and wonder what color lights they would use next and what props they would use. He loved clapping after every song. Both kids watched the entire first act and most of the second. Michael finally became to squirmy to watch the rest of the play so I took him into a children area that had a video of the play showing and watched the rest from there. The play was fantastic and we all enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed seeing and visiting with members of our old ward. Many of them did not know where we had ended up. So we had to share with them our moving experience and how we finally ended up in our new home in Herriman. We loved seeing everyone again and it made us a little home sick for all our old friends.

The next day was Saturday and we were up early helping to clean the church. Then it was off to Monte's place to help him load up and move to his new home in Riverton, which is only a few miles away from us. Monte and Cat were very prepared and had everything boxed up and most of the boxes already moved to the new place. We just needed to load up the big stuff into the van and move it. It was one of the better moves that I have helped with, despite being rained on most of the day. I've always disliked showing up to help someone move and they did not have anything packed.

So we had a busy weekend, but was happy to enjoy time with family and at the play. As well as helping a brother move closer to us.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures from Starfest

The shirt Brent Spiner liked
Brent Spiner
They had an actual Delorian there!! So cool!
Lucius Malfoy and Luna Lovegood
Awesome actual size Doctor Who Tardis

Freaks, geeks and actors...oh my

After wading through a major snow storm, Jen and I finally reach Denver Colorado for this year's Starfest Science Fiction Convention. We love going to these things and always have fun. We played Texas Holdem poker, bought Jen a new dagger, hung out with Carl & Erica, listened to Brent Spiner who played Data and took lots of pictures of peoples in strange costumes and made a point not to take pictures of people dressed in costumes they should not have been wearing. (Many girls dress up in the sexy costumes but should not.)

I went to a panel that was going to discuss the Star Trek Movies. They guy running the panel showed up but reported that he had to move his car and so would be back. He took 20 minutes to park and I got sick of waiting. So I jumped up and ran an impromptu panel with the people who were there. It was fun and enjoyable to all. When the guy got back, I let him take over, but he was not very exciting. After the panel was done, many people walked up to me and said they enjoyed me more than the other guy and that I should run these things. I did enjoy it and thought it was a good idea. So the next time we go to this, I will try to get on a panel. Carl thought we could redo a panel I did for Mountain Con about space history.

Brent Spiner was very entertaining. One day we boarded the elevator and found Brent on it. He loved my Weird Al shirt and told me how his girl friend is friends with Al's wife and so Brent went to his wedding. Brent has been to many conventions and so knew how to entertain. We laughed the whole time. The guy who played Nelix on Voyager was also there and gave the best line. A guy got up and started telling him about how he loved watching the show with his Mom and that they named their cats after the shows characters. Nelix responded "I think you have me confused with someone who cares." He was kidding but I thought that was a very funny response.

We saw a lot of trailers to upcoming movies and it got me excited for the summer movie season. Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Harry Potter, Night at the Museum and Transformers look very good.

I will add some pictures we took soon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Starfest party in Denver

Jen and I have always enjoyed a sci fi convention in Denver called Starfest. We decided to come to the convention again this year and see the guy who played Data and other actors. We decided to fly this time so that we would not endure a long drive. We were glad we did as the weather was very bad. Denver has been getting slammed by a big now storm all day today. We were able to fly in and get to our hotel before the storm hit us. But my brother Carl is trying to drive across Wyoming to get to Denver. He got as far as Rawlins before he found a closed road. So he is trying to take smaller roads through the mountains of Colorado to reach us. We sure hope he gets here in one piece.

Once we are all arrived, we will spend the entire weekend here enjoying some time without kids and so without having to be parents. That is a welcome treat for both of us.

See ya on Monday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jazz game that actually went well

Me and some co-workers were given free tickets to the Jazz game last night. Jen wanted me to have an enjoyable guys night out and so was OK with me going. The Jazz played the LA Clippers who have a losing season. The Jazz were predicted to win, but they were also predicted to beat Golden State and Minnesota too. So I did not assume the Jazz would win anything with the way they had been playing lately.

Surprisingly the Jazz played very well. Beating the Clippers by more that 20. The most intense moment of the game was when Baron Davis purposely pushed a Jazz player to the floor during a rebound. Davis was clearly fouling and flagrantly as well. But the refs could not figure that out and so called a double foul on both Davis and the Jazz player. The crowd was livid with both the refs and Davis and made sure he knew it. Every time Davis got the ball the crowd booed very loudly. It things like this that you cannot experience by watching a game on TV. You just have to be there.

While at the game, tried to twitter on my phone. Surprisingly it was very easy to do so. So I twittered during the game and was able to chat with my brother who was watching the game from home. With how easy it is to twitter, I think I will continue to do so. You can catch me at the below URL:

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm on twitter

So my brother is on twitter. The same brother who inspired me to get a blog. I guess I will continue to follow him as I am now on twitter too. So if you want to follow my antics closer, feel free to check me out on twitter.com.

I'm still learning how to use this thing so don't be surprised if I take awhile before I get interesting.

You can follow me here:


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

City council meeting

So I now live in a new city and want to be involved in my community. So when Jen asked me what I wanted to do for my night off she was inviting me to have. I did what any other politically conscious and historically studying person would do. I went to the Riverton city council.

This was a chance for me to learn about my new city and see what issues are prevalent in my new neighborhood. The main issue discussed was a new recovery home that was set up in a neighborhood where recovering drug addicts go to receive treatment. The main issue was that this home was set up in a neighborhood without public notice and without proper licence obtained from the city. So many citizens who live on that street were furious to suddenly see cops delivering drug addicts to their neighborhood and city leaders were working hard to correct the problem.

I was glad to see how organized the meeting went and how prepared the city officials were to address the items on the agenda. I was able to chat with the mayor after the meeting and unfortunately learned that the CERT team that I am leading will see some changes because my team is in both Herriman and Riverton city. But other than that, I enjoyed the events and feel educated on my city processes.

If you have not done so, I recommend attending at least one city council meeting. You will be enlighten and educated. You may also be bored but if you needed to petition your city for something, you will be glad that you at least saw what happens before you start.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day

Looks like mother nature likes to play a joke on April 1st. Today's weather is far from a nice spring day. But other than that, I do enjoy this day.

Anything happen to you yet?